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Advanced Product Assembly and Test, SMT/mixed, Microelectronics, and Substrate Manufacturing


Hytel Group Inc.

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Contract Manufacturing of Reliable Electronics
 FDA GMP compliant, Automotive PPAP, Quick-Turn Prototype and Production, In-circuit, AOI, and Functional Electrical Test, Globally Competitive, and Customer Driven Manufacturing of Box Build and Subassemblies. Lead-Free and RoHS-compliance ready. Choose someone you can trust- Hytel Group.

Microelectronic Modules
Design and Manufacturing Services for Miniaturized Modules for Communications, Industrial, Medical, and Automotive applications using SMT, COB, and advanced substrates. Take your products where competitors cannot go.

Surface Mount Assembly
Fine Pitch to .016", chips to 0201, lead-free, semi-aqueous clean and no-clean chemistries, flip chip down to 180 micron pitch, double-sided, mixed technology. Explore the latest in technology to compete in the global markets of today!

Chip on Board and Few Chip Module Assemblies
Automated die attach of Silicon and GaAs IC's, gold and aluminum wire, flip chip, encapsulation, underfill, epoxy, and solder attach. Benefit from the experience and expertise that sets us apart.

Metallized Ceramic Substrate Fabrication, High Density Interconnect, Low Cost Film Substrates
Full cassette to cassette automated processing, featuring through-holes, multilayers, controlled lines for microwave, copper-plated ceramic for high-power/high frequency, precision laser trimming, down to .003" (.1mm) features on Al203, BeO, and AlN, and low cost flex film substrates... Give your product the competitive advantage it needs in today's global markets.

Turnkey engineering and program support
Box-build, design services, mechanical assembly, environmental testing, milling, conformal coating, tape and reel packaging, turnkey materials management.. Tired of having to negotiate competitive pricing every step of the way? Go with a proven source- Hytel Group