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Hytel History

Additional capacity additions
      Hytel Group has added an additional Panasonic SMT line as well as two additional ICT test heads into its Beijing PRItronics facility, a wholly-US-owned joint venture. New products in the telecom and security products areas have provided signficant growth in 2006.

Hytel in space
      Hytel Group has manufactured circuits for aerospace applications for over 10 years, but recent products are going the limit of explored universe. Assembled in Hytel-Hampshire using copper on ceramic substrates manufactured in Hytel-Elgin, these circuits are now on their way to Pluto.

December, 2005 update

Hytel Group names new Quality Manager
      Jeff Baker has been named Quality Manager in Hampshire after serving as a Sr. Staff Engineer in Hytel Group's Elgin facility. Jeff has over 25 years experience in the electronics industry, including GTE Communication Systems and AGCS, an ATT-GTE Joint Venture. Jeff has MS and BS engineering degrees from the University of Illinois.

July, 2004 update

Hytel Group Acquires the Assets of CirQon Technologies
      Hytel Group has acquired the assets of CirQon Technologies and established a production facility in Elgin, IL for the manufacture of photodefined copper on ceramic substrates to be used in aerospace, wireless, power, and optoelectronics industries. The new facility includes a class 10,000 clean room and zero-discharge plating operations.

February, 2003 update

Hytel Group included in 2002 Technology Fast 50
      Hytel Group was named to the Greater Chicagoland Technology Fast 50 for the third year in a row by Deloitte and Touche. The award is given to technology companies to recognize outstanding growth over a five year period, based on audited financial statements submitted.

Hytel Achieves Profits in 2001
     Since Hytel Group was started in 1992, every year has seen an increase in total revenues, with CAGR of about 50%. 2001 was a difficult year in that many customers experienced dramatic drops in demand. Total revenues, however, increased over 2000, and the company was profitable for the year. While 2002 forecasts are still undefined, the outlook remains good due to the combination of new technology and expected recoveries from current customers.

October, 2001 update

Hytel Group #20 in 2001 Technology Fast 50
      Hytel Group was named to the Greater Chicagoland Technology Fast 50 for the second year in a row by Deloitte and Touche. The award is given to technology companies to recognize outstanding growth over a five year period, based on audited financial statements submitted.

April, 2001 update

Additional capacity additions
      Hytel Group added another line for flip chip assembly in the Hampshire, IL facility, as well as 2 additional ICT test heads. Orders have been placed for additional dispensing and bare die placement equipment in late Q2.

November, 2000 update

Hytel Group makes Chicagoland Delloitt and Touche Technology Fast 50 list.
     Hytel Group was one of 50 companies in the midwest region honored for its high growth rate over the past 3 years. Hytel was #20 on the list (right behind Tellabs at #19), and was the highest ranked contract electronics manufacturer.

 May, 2000 update

Shipping Records!
      Hytel Group achieved a new shipping record month in March, including a new product for a new customer involved in communications infrastructure who needed 80,000 units in one month with only 2 week lead time for ramp-up. Using Hytel Group's Total Team Quality System, a customer-focused team delivered learning curve improvements on a daily basis, increasing output by 100% in a two week interval while meeting all customer quality requirements. Success on this initial program has led to additional volume opportunities with this customer.

Capacity Expansions
      Hytel Group has ordered a third Micron II Direct Chip Attach System, two additional automatic wire bonders, CBT6000s from Palomar Systems, and two MPM UP2000 printers. This provides increases in capacity for precision placement of die from wafer, waffle-pack, tape and reel, bumps up or down, as well as constant bond loop wire bonding featuring Continuous Bonding Technology. These capabilities are important for high frequency applications where intereconnect parasitics can seriously impact performance. Application-specific questions can be directed to Scott Johansen or

February update

500% 5-year growth- again!
      Another year of strong growth in 1999 allowed Hytel Group to maintain its 5 year growth streak above 500% for the fourth consecutive year. Hytel Group continues to hire Engineering and Program Managers to ensure customer satisfaction scores are maintained in the midst of this growth, as well as develop all employees in its Total Team Quality system.

Capacity Expansions An additional ESEC Micron 2 has been installed. Additional Asymtek dispenser (Millenium) installed.

Hytel Group exhibits at APEX '99 Hytel Group exhibited at the inaugural APEX conference in Long Beach the third week of March. APEX is co-sponsored by IPC and SMTA.

November, 1999 update

Flip Chip Capability Expansions
      Hytel Group has installed an ESEC Micron II Direct Chip Attach System, as well as acquiring additional Asymtek dispensing systems. The Micron II has capability for picking die from wafer, tray, or tape, flipping, fluxing, and placing with accuracies to 15 microns. The Millenium has vision and closed-loop controls to ensure accurate and precise dispensing of underfills and encapsulants. These systems further enable Hytel Group to offer volume assembly capability for flip chip/direct chip attach assemblies, with placement accuracies to 15 microns.