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Advanced Product Assembly and Test, SMT/mixed, Microelectronics, and Substrate Manufacturing


Hytel Group Inc.

About Us

Hytel Group can take care of the details involved in bringing your electronic product or system to market, including:

·  Product realization- conceptualization, layout, mold design, qualification testing

·  Manufacturability review- sourcing, testability, costing, quality planning, capability studies, PPAP submissions, configuration management

·  Tooling- stencils, programs, fixtures, guages

·  Materials Management- MRP, e-business, global sourcing, consignment, Just In Time, kanban, NAFTA certificates, credit

·  US Manufacturing- quickturn, ITAR, high mix, competitive, responsive production

·  Test- in-circuit, functional, dynamic, and environmental test capabilities

Hytel Group specializes in high density electronics, including specializes substrates and bare die assembly where even the largest EMS companies cannot offer the same level of experience, responsiveness, and competitiveness as Hytel. For this reason, Hytel Group has established itself as a manufacturing partner for multiple Fortune 100 electronic OEMs, as well as smaller growth companies. This partnering has allowed Hytel Group to achieve consistent growth and profitability. With broad capabilities and extensive experience, Hytel Group has the means to meet the stringent demands of leading firms in the broadband, wireless, medical, instrument, and automotive industries. Hytel Group's automation and low cost of capital allow it to competitively provide manufacturing services from design to prototype through production.

As an extension of its globally competitive capabilities, Hytel Group also offers customers the capability to do final assembly of their product. This entails integration of cable assemblies, mechanical assemblies, enclosures, and final packaging..